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Mercedes Benz Original Retrofit List  

LED Intelligent HeadLight

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz new LED Intelligent HeadLight, bid farewell to halogen candlelight, using dual-beam high-definition lens xenon headlamps, far and near light integrated xenon headlamps with lenses, the light more convergence. Day line and width are the same light source, the daytime light is very bright, and it can play an excellent prompt role during the day. When the turn signal is turned on, the daytime running light on the same side will be temporarily extinguished, and the turn signal light will be more prominent. Excellent lighting effects and a strong sense of technology.



Car Model :A/ B / CLA / C / E / S / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

LED Intelligent Taillights

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz new LED Intelligent taillights, taillights are used LED light source, high brightness, light speed. The hint effect is better. The width of the width lamp is more like the width of the wings. It is highly recognizable on the road. Turn on the outside parking lights when parking on the street at night to give tips to other vehicles and pedestrians.


Car Model :A/ B / CLA / C / E / S / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System

Retrofit original Mercedes-Benz real-time digital tire pressure monitoring Introduction:  conversion of the original real-time digital tire pressure monitoring, accurate tire pressure of each pressure value, at any time can clear each tire pressure, to avoid high-speed traffic leak, puncture Hidden dangers, changes in the temperature difference between summer and winter cause tire wear hazards that are most likely to be caused by changes in tire pressure. Proper use of pressure can increase tire life and make it safe to drive.


Car Model :A/ B / CLA / C / E / S / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

Reverse Camera 

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz clamshell reversing camera/factory hidden camera, with reversing trajectory track mode, can swing around to facilitate driving; wide-angle mode, a large viewing environment. The clamshell camera is mounted on the left side of the open position of the tail box and opens up to look beautiful.


Car Model :A/ B / CLA / C / E / S / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

Keyless GO Package

Retrofits Original Mercedes-Benz keyless entry, abbreviated PKE (PASSIVE KEYLESS ENTER), also known as comfortable entry, compared with the ordinary door handle, with a keyless entry behind the door with a plated bright bar, and the door handle outside more A concave point can be achieved by touching the outside of the door handle, unlocking the inside of the touch door handle, and pressing the pit to achieve the window-lifting function.


Car Model :A/ B / CLA / C / E / S / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

Electric Side Mirror 

Retrofits Original Mercedes-Benz electric folding side mirror, electric folding during narrow road, press the folding button, the side mirror will automatically fold up, press the folding button again, the side mirror automatically expands. Automatic folding: The side mirror automatically retracts when the door is locked, and the side mirror automatically opens when the door is unlocked. 


Car Model :A/ B / CLA / C / E / S / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

Blind Spot Assistance

Retrofits Original Mercedes-Benz Blind spot assistance is easy to form a blind spot in the area of 3 meters on the left and right sides and 3 meters behind the car. The blind spot assists the driver in guiding the car behind to avoid blind spots of sight and improve driving safety. It can be turned on or off through the multifunction steering wheel and instrument display. After the blind spot assistant function is enabled, if a vehicle at the rear enters the blind zone of the line of sight, a red warning light will appear on the rear view lens, prompting the driver to change the lane sometimes and collision may occur. If the driver still plays the steering lamp, When changing lanes, the system will issue an audible alarm and warn with a flashing warning light to avoid possible collisions.

Car Model  C / E  / GLC /GLE Class

Keyless Start

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz one-button start (keyless start) device is part of the smart car, is a button device to achieve a simple ignition process, but also can be turned off, the device can be modified in the original car key lock position; with a The smart key, original accessories, non-destructive upgrade modification, bid farewell to the key to the screw, just a click can start your car.


Car Model :A/ B / CLA / C / E / S / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound System

Retrofits Original Mercedes-Benz Burmester Surround System provides a car sound system with a clear mission – to be the very best there is,” Dieter Burmester explained the partnership with Mercedes-Benz.




Car Model  C / E  / S/ GLC /V Class

 Climatised Front Seats (Ventilated)

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz Climatised Front Seats on hot days the climate-controlled seats quickly cool down the surface of the seats to a pleasant temperature and create a balanced seat climate. 


Car Model :A/ B / CLA / C / E / S / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

Memory Seat Package

Retrofits Original Mercedes-Benz  Memory Seat Package quickly provide driver & passager with most comfortable seating position.



Car Model  A / B / C / CLA / CLS / E  / S/ GLC /V Class

Driver Assistance Package

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz 23P (Driver Assistance Package) driver assistance system integrates a variety of complementary safety and assistance systems that help reduce driver pressure & road accident risk in many situations and towards enhancing ride comfort.


Main functions: 

Collision Prevention Assist

Lane Keeping Assis

Blind Spot Assist and Highbeam Assist

Pre-Safe® system




Car Model : C / E / GLC /GLE / S Class


Retrofits with original Mercedes-Benz  HUD head-up display, wind window instrument display, also known as the head-up display system, through the principle of optical reflection, such as navigation, direction, speed, ... this important information is mapped on the windscreen ,so that the driver can see important information without having to bow his head.

In order to avoid distracting the attention of the road ahead; and the driver does not have to adjust the eyes between the observation of the distant road and near the instrument, can avoid eye fatigue, improve driving safety!


Car Model : C / CLA / CLS / E  / S/ GLC /V Class

DISTRONIC PLUS Adaptive Cruise Control

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz ACC (Distronic Plus Adaptive Cruise Control Package) ACC adaptive cruising, can achieve a constant speed driving in highway and inside a city, automatic following the front of the car, automatic braking and following, it also has other functions.


ACC system also added a low-speed following mode, designed for traffic jam, can automatically follow the front car to take off or stop the car. 


Car Model : CLA / C / E / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

Air Purifier, Lonizer

Retrofits with original Mercedes-Benz  Air Purifier and Lonizer, "scented spray generator" and air-conditioning components of the enhanced air filter, allowing you to completely bid farewell to the haze of trouble, with fresh and smooth healthy breathing.

Activate the original fragrance menu to manually turn the fragrance system on or off and adjust the fragrance concentration to replace the four original fragrances. Negative ion generators are devices that use high-voltage ionized air to generate high-concentration negative ions. The main principle of anion sterilization and air purification function is that the combination of negative ions and bacteria will cause the bacteria to produce structural changes or energy transfer, resulting in the death of bacteria, rapid reduction of bacteria in the air, and the negative ions can be combined with dust in the air to precipitate purification. 


Car Model : C / CLA / CLS / E  / S/ GLC /V Class

Hands-free Access

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz Hands-free access allows drivers to open and close their vehicle’s trunk of or tailgate simply by waving their foot underneath the rear bumper. This convenient feature makes for easier loading and unloading.


Car Model : CLA / C / E / GLA / GLC /GLE Class

Power Tailgate

Retrofits with original Mercedes-Benz  Power Tailgate, allow drivers to open and close the vehicle's tailgate by press a button. 

Car Model : A/B / C / CLA / CLS / E  / S/ GLC /V Class

Driver Assistance Package PLUS 

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz Drive Assistance Pakcage Plus A Drive Assistance Package+ PRE-SAFE @Impluse 

Car Model : S Class 

Parking Pilot with 360-degree Camera

Retrofits with original Mercedes-Benz  360-degree Camera. 

This system facilitates parking and maneuvering with a realistic all-round view with the help of four networked cameras.

The vehicle and its immediate surroundings can be shown as a bird's-eye view on the multimedia system display. The vehicle's track is also shown depending on the steering angle.


Car Model : A/B / C / CLA / CLS / E  / S/ GLC /V Class

Full Led Display Dashboard

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz Full Led Display Dashboard, E Class original 12.3-inch full LCD Dashboard, The original large screen, support for the E / E-coupe mechanical Dashboard upgrades,

Original position non-destructive installation, perfect programming for activation; Change from Classic, sports, avant-garde three different display styles

Resolution 1920*700



Car Model : E / S Class 

IWC Clock 

Retrofits with original Mercedes-Benz  IWC Clock.

Original IWC clock, the original IWC classic symbol is only designed for your taste. With the country and regions set automatic approval time, this watch is luxurious, fusion essence and culture of 100 years.


Car Model : C / CLA / CLS / E  / GLC Class

Interior Ambient Lighting 3 Colours 

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz Interior Ambient Lighting, The original three-color interior Ambient Lighting.

The whole car to install six lighting, one for each door, two in the control, need to replace the panel decorative strip. Using the central control knob to control the switching color and brightness adjustment, the interior Ambient Lighting to enhance the brightness of the car in the dark night,  make people feel more joyful (neutral colors - shining silver, warm colors - classic orange, cool colors - marine blue)



Car Model : A/B/C/CLA

Soft Close Door

Retrofits with original Mercedes-Benz Soft Close Door System each door. The electric suction door will prevent the safety hazards caused by the unclosed door, protect the safety of the passengers. 



Car Model : C / CLA / CLS / E / S/ GLC 

Apple Carplay & Audriod Play 

Retrofit Original Mercedes-Benz Carplay &  Android  Play, this app lets you perform all sorts of actions with your phone via the car’s control knob and vocal commands alone. You will be able to listen to music and even use the iPhone’s navigation system plus other functions. It can be pretty dangerous and inconvenient to call or text while driving. Apple CarPlay is an app that makes it easy and safe to use your iPhone while you’re busy behind the wheel. You will find it possible to use certain iPhone functions without getting distracted, thanks to technology that allows the phone to mesh with your car’s controls.

It completely changes the way you interact with the phone while driving by transferring the phone’s interface onto the much bigger dashboard screen. You can use such functions as Maps, music, and even text by voice control via Siri. ​


Car Model : A/B/C/CLA/ E /S  Class 

8.4" Multimedia Screen NTG​ 5+

Retrofits with original Mercedes-Benz NTG5+ System

with  Garmin Map Pilot, Apple CarPlay, Andriod Auto, DVD , MP4 eg. 

Change Multimedia Screen from 6.4" to 8.4 " for CLA , C ,GLC , GLA class . 

Add in Touchpad for C, GLC ,E ,GLE Class



Car Model : C / CLA / CLS / E / S/ GLC / GLE 

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